Where Are You From?

Originally from Texas but I definitely don’t live there at the moment. I don’t tell people where I live because that’s just a little creepy! Sometimes this question is more small talk but when people keep pressing on where I live I get more than a little uncomfortable.

What Is Your Favorite Toy?

This changes from day to day depending on how sore I am or what mood I might be in. For example, when I’m super horny I just want to get fucked and my fuck machine is great at pounding me into oblivion so I can forget about the world for a few minutes. Other times my body is picky and I want a specific spot tickled or stimulated.

My Lovense Nora and Kiiro Pearl are great little vibrators which take care of business every single time. I absolutely love my realistic dildos, too so don’t get me wrong but sometimes I need the internal vibrations to come a little harder.

My riding crop is also one of my favorite pieces of bondage equipment. I love spanking my pussy with it and feeling the leather. It’s just fun to tease and play and I look so sexy doing it, too!

Do You Watch Porn? What’s Your Favorite Kind?

I am exposed to a lot of erotic content on a daily basis because of my job as a web cam model. I pretty much get to stare at my pussy for hours on end most nights of the week. I don’t have the downtime to watch porn and when I’m not working, watching or looking at adult content is the LAST thing I want to be doing.

The few times I’ve actively searched for porn, I would look up a specific fetish (for research) or I would watch something my partner wanted to introduce to me. I highly recommend watching porn together as a couple because it really helps with communication in the bedroom.

Some porn can be quite educational while other types are really degrading towards women and pretty disgusting and unrealistic. That being said, back when tumblr allowed adult content I would go on there to look at GIFs and black and white erotica. I think romance, passion and amateur couples are probably my favorite categories.

What Is Your Favorite Roleplay?

My favorite role-plays are psychological ones. I enjoy getting into your head. In order for these to work, I need YOU to hint at and divulge your weaknesses.

I LOVE the dominant secretary scenario or any role where I’m using my professional power and position to get what I want from someone else. I love home wrecking and exposing people, too.

As for the most popular role-play I have experience with (and really positive feedback) it’s definitely Step-Mom. I love combing it with some jerk off instruction and using my body to tease and encourage you. I think the best part is that I get all the control in the scenario and guide the direction of the show.

The BEST shows are always the ones where we build a story TOGETHER and contribute BOTH our fantasies and desires.

Do You Accept Pay Pal?

No. I never have and never will. This form of payment is forbidden in the adult entertainment industry and nobody should be using it no matter how convenient you think it is.

Pay Pal is a HUGE red flag and I typically block people immediately who even ask about it since I’ve yet to have someone serious ask this. Typically, pirating content and scammers use this platform to prey on naive and weak models. Not cool.

Do You Create Custom Videos?

I love creating new content. I find a lot of guys like to send me their idea but they never order a video. Kind of a drag since I spend so much time emailing them back and forth. You can order on on PornHub, ModelClips, iWantClips and any other Escrow Platform where you place an order and your amount is held until I upload and deliver your content. It is the fairest way to conduct business.