Custom Videos

Creating custom video content is a passion of mine and clear, direct communication with what you want is extremely important. I am very non judgmental so if there is a will, there is a way to make it happen!

Technical Information

I edit all films with Filmora, InShot, iMovie or Adobe Pro. depending on the effects or context for the video but my typical equipment can be found below. My cameras include a Canon Vixia Pro, Logitech 4K Brio, iPhone and Blue Yetti Studio Microphone.


  • No smoking
  • No extreme physical pain
  • No extremely large objects
  • No deep throat (gagging is okay on occasion)
  • No physical defecation or scat
  • No boy/girl content
  • No verbal humiliation on me personally
  • No childhood trauma or childhood storytelling
  • No rape fantasies or consensual non/consent
  • No erotic asphyxiation
  • No blackmail fantasies
  • No violence and harassment

You can place your order for a custom video here or directly on my iWantClips page. Delivery is typically within 3-7 days but it can be even sooner depending on editing, content category and length.


This form of payment is escrow based. This means that I am not paid directly; rather the money you provide is held by a third party iWantClips and then delivered to me after I have uploaded and sent your video. Orders are always processed in the order which they are received. If for any reasons you have some questions that you want to ask before you order, feel free to contact me on iWantClips or directly on here.